• mobiledeposit

    Mobile DeposZip

    JHFCU supports mobile deposits through our mobile apps for Apple and Android. You will have to install our mobile app in order to make deposits through your mobile device. Once installed you can tap on the mobile deposit option to get started.

  • deposzip


    Free, secure service that allows you to scan paper checks from your desktop and electronically send the images to us for deposit online.

  • ATM


    We are able to bring you one of the largest deposit-taking ATM networks around thanks to 2 national ATM services we have partnered with (CO-OP & CU24). Most likely there is a deposit-taking ATM near you.

  • JHFCUbranch

    At a Branch

    Stop by any of our branches for full access to your account.

  • branch

    Shared Branching

    Access thousands of other credit unions' branches where you can perform basic teller transactions just as if you were in a JHFCU branch. You will need your state ID and account number to conduct a transaction.

  • mail

    By Mail

    Send deposits, loan payments, address changes, and more. You can also easily print a deposit slip before mailing in your transaction (no cash please!)